8 products you may not know contain high fructose corn syrup

by Chris.

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Following the theme of our previous post on high fructose corn syrup is this list of XXX food and drug items that you might not know contain the controversial ingredient.  If you are trying to cut HFCS out of your diet make sure you read the all labels.

1. Vicks Nyquilvicks nyquil liquid

How sweet does a product need to be when it spends two seconds in your mouth?

starbucks bottled frappuccino2. Starbucks’ Frappuccino

While Starbucks turned its back on HFCS in their baked goods, the cut hasn’t made it to their frapp bases.

special k kellogs


3. Most Kellog’s products

There might be a few Kellog’s products that don’t contain HFCS.  Try to find them.  Thankfully they didn’t add it to Kashi products when they took the company over.


4. Most Lifesavers

Even the mint Lifesavers contain HFCS.

robitussin cough medicine



5. Robitussin cough medicines

This includes cough syrup for both children and adults.

yoplait yogurt6. Yoplait yogurts

Yogurt–really?  Yes, really.  Yoplait is one of the few yogurts on the market whose products all contain HFCS.  It’s also one of the sweetest.

claussen pickles


7. Claussen pickles

Many other pickle brands have ditched HFCS, but Claussen still hangs on to it

8. Many Dreyer’s and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

It’s interesting that not all of B&J’s ice creams contain HFCS.  Why don’t they just eliminated it across the board?



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